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Synergy White Wiring Accessories

Legrand has incorporated the latest technology, high-quality components and state of the art manufacturing techniques to create a range that reflects ultimate functionality and subtle design – Synergy. The manufacturers’ aim was to develop one series to cater for every conceivable need. By keep consistency across the whole range, and they have achieved exactly that.

With its minimalistic style and elegant simplicity, Synergy is ideal for every residential, commercial and office space. It is, therefore, no wonder that it is an extremely popular choice among electricians and contractors seeking to marry ease of use with quality in a variety of projects.

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Belanko White Wiring Accessories

With BelankoTM simplicity is beauty. Legrand’s new range of wiring accessories is designed to perform exactly as you expect it to. Beyond performance, these accessories offer an elegant and neat style.

The safety features of Belanko wiring devices make installation both easy and reliable. As an electrician, you can know that you and your customers are safely connected to power.

We know how important it is for professionals to deliver perfect installations fast – always. Because your goal is also our goal, Belanko switches are always neatly wrapped with a soft protection film. Your switch stays clean and neat until it is delivered to the customer.

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