Nexans’ Local Area Network Cabling Systems have now joined Elmasco’s 2016 range. Our new offering includes a comprehensive range of copper and fibre optic products providing improved reliability and reduced cost of ownership for Network Managers.

Nexans, a renowned expert in the cable industry, has developed copper and optical fibre cabling systems for new resource-intensive applications. The efficient functionality of these systems is of great benefit to data centres, security services, and Storage Area Networks. The manufacturer’s advanced solutions give organisations high-speed transmission and the ability to protect and retrieve vital information.

We offer Nexans’ full range of copper LAN systems to ensure you find the solution most suited to your needs:

  • All performance levels: Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 7 & voice grade
  • All construction types : UTP, FTP, S-FTP, PiMF
  • Modular connectivity based on ‘Snap-in’ and ‘808’ connectivity

A full spectrum of Nexans LANmark fibre solutions is also available for various performance levels and constructions:

  • Cables
  • Connectivity
  • Hardware
  • Pre-Terminated Fibre Assemblies


Physical cabling infrastructure plays a critical role in key networking issues which impact on overall business performance.

Higher bandwidth needs

Independent data shows that 40G and 100G bandwidth will be required in data centres within 5 years. It is, therefore, essential to implement a cost-effective migration strategy in both copper and fibre.

Technology change

Network cabling, whether in the office or data centre, has to be flexible not only to accommodate bandwidth increases, but also to support changing technological trends, such as virtualisation and cloud computing.

Energy efficiency

Increased demand for power caused by accelerating IT growth creates direct conflict for IT managers, as environmental regulation intensifies and energy costs increase. The need to plan data centre infrastructure that is best equipped to maximise efficiency is more imperative than ever before.

Network security

Network security breaches can result in lengthy downtime and damage both business operations and reputation. Security can be improved by adopting physical security measures which prevent unauthorised tampering, and with management systems which provide accurate and up-to-date knowledge of who and what is connected to the network at any specific time.

Higher bandwidth demand, technological evolution, efficiency and security are all factors affecting business and network manager decisions daily. Investing in the right solution and partner is not only an issue to consider at the time of installation, but throughout the system’s use, as the consequences have a significant long-term impact on the future cost of ownership. For more information on our LAN Cabling Systems, please contact us.