Our luxury wiring accessories are a key asset designed to accentuate your creativity and bring a unique touch to your elegant interior. All our luxury ranges are brought to you by Legrand, the leading global expert in wiring accessories. 


The ArteorTM collection lends itself to an array of options to match your style. The range presents a diversity of colours, materials and designs, but also à-la-carte ergonomics with the choice of a round or square rocker plate.

Graphic_-_Woman_flipped Arteor_People_Image_3_copy

From the elegant simplicity of the Neutral finishes to the extreme refinement of the Signature line, it is a collection rich in choice and fine materials. Finishes include glass, metal, plastic, wood and leather. ArteorTM is a sophisticated touch of class to make each of your rooms truly unique.


Arteor Wiring Accessories Video


Mixing colours is a breeze with MalliaTM. Beyond promising endless possibilities with its expanded range, the MalliaTM collection allows you to bring out your creativity to build the perfect switch that will make heads turn. With our enhanced selection of matt white, contemporary silver, lustrous pearl, mysterious dark silver, supple copper; muscular bronze, melodic brass and matt black, there is a colour for every style. This chic collection is designed to adorn your interior space with alluring elegance and stylish simplicity.


Bedroom_copy Silver Mallia switch by Legrand


Synergy is an innovative series of wiring accessories which is constantly evolving. It is now available in white and metallic shades. With a true flat plate design, Legrand’s latest addition of Flat Plates to the Synergy family is simply stunning. This range of switches and sockets combines high-quality components, intuitive design and advanced manufacturing techniques to offer contemporary elegance in a variety of styles.

Synergy Flat Legrand Cyprus     Synergy Modern Legrand Cyprus


For more minimalist designs, please click here for our multi-purpose white Legrand wiring accessories.