Wires and Cables

Elmasco stocks an extensive range of wires and cables which bear excellent international certification and are subject to strict quality control. Our comprehensive offering covers an immense range of needs and functionalities in today’s fast-paced electrical market.


Our wires include bare copper hard-drawn conductors, CU/PVC single and single flexible wires and CU/XLPE/PVC wires of up to 500mm.

Cable_drums_-_ClipArt__cropped Wire_-_rigid_single_core_Bruno_3 Yello-Green_drum_Bruno_cropped
Wire_-_single_core_Bruno_2 Wire_coil_-_ClipArt_cropped Wire_LSF_Single-core_-_Nexans_2


Elmasco’s indoor and outdoor energy cable collection includes CU/PVC/PVC flexible, CU/PVC/PVC flat twin cable, armoured cable (CU/XLPE/SWA/PVC), heat-resistant, Firetec, submersible, Low Smoke and Fume (LSF) and Tough Rubber Sheath (TRS) cables.

3-wire_corss-section_Bruno_edited Flat_Cables_AEI_edited XLPE_Underground_alu_-_Nexans
Fire-res_Nexans_edited SWA_3wire_Nexans 4wire_cable_Baldassari

Specialised cables

We also sell more specialised products such as coaxial, telephone, CAT 5E, CAT 6, patch cords, low-voltage alarm, speaker, non-kink domestic and photovoltaic cables. To see our additional telecom supplies, click here.

Coaxial PV_image_copy Telephone_cable_-_ClipArt_cropped
Tel_cable_Linnet_2 Patch_cords_reduced Compu_-_Patch_panel