As part of our commitment to meeting all your electrical and lighting requirements, we aim to stock the highest quality of products. We want to ensure that, no matter what you are looking for, you have the best possible choice in terms of technology, reliability and design. Our main brands reflect our goal of always placing you, the customer, first.

ABB is a global leader in power and automation technologies. Innovation is at the forefront of what ABB manufactures and the company has played a pioneering role in many of the technologies that drive modern society. Our ABB products improve the efficiency, productivity and quality of our customers’ operations while minimizing environmental impact.

Legrand is a world leader in electrical installation material, offering solutions for the home, hotels, offices and industry. The company’s products are up-to-date with the latest breakthroughs in technology and incorporate excellent, stylish design. Elmasco sells a large range of Legrand’s elegant wiring accessories (switches, sockets), distribution components, panel accessories, cables and structured cabling systems.

Schneider Electric
With a strong commitment to energy management, Schneider Electric places immense emphasis on safety, reliability and efficiency. The internationally-renowned company’s distribution components, control accessories and conduit fittings which we stock stem from these very core values.

The AEG brand is known for its innovation, quality and durability. AEG’s low-voltage distribution devices, now operating under General Electric, are of an excellent standard and provide the safety needed in industrial, commercial and residential distribution.

GE Lighting
Dedicated to building innovative solutions on a global scale, GE Lighting invests heavily in research and development. The company’s lighting products have won multiple awards for their efficiency and functionality. Our GE light bulb range is constantly expanded to provide customers with the best options to manage their energy and create the ideal lighting for their space.

A worldwide expert in the cable industry, Nexans offers an extensive range of cables to raise industrial productivity, enhance security and ensure public safety. Its commitment to quality is evidenced by its multiple certifications from international organisations.

In the field of LAN Cabling Systems, Nexans offers a complete range of products providing improved reliability and reduced cost of ownership for Network Managers, together with reduced installation times for installers.
Nexans provides copper and optical fibre cabling systems for new resource-intensive applications, such as data centres, security services, and Storage Area Networks. Nexans’ advanced solutions give organisations high-speed transmission and the ability to protect and retrieve vital information.

Softing IT Networks specialises in measurement equipment for qualifying, certifying and documenting the performance of cabling in IT systems. The company provides professional instruments for copper and fiber-optic IT cabling based on global technological standards. Softing’s expert measurement equipment ensures the physical efficiency and high quality of communication between network components.

KOUVIDIS logo copy
Kouvidis specialises in the production of integrated plastic conduit systems and accessories for cable protection ideal for all modern electrical installations. Kouvidis products feature discreet designs which blend into their surroundings. Their functionality enables professional electricians to carry out their work safely, reliably and efficiently.


Kassinakis’ expertise is centred on the production of high-quality electrical conduit systems and conduits for special applications. Having the facilities to manufacture high-precision components, Kassinakis provides solutions with safety, functionality and ease of installation to customers.

Scame offers systems and components for electrical installations through leading distributors around the world. In our stores you will find a range of domestic and industrial wiring accessories, conduit fitting components, distribution materials and switchgear.

IDE is a high-quality manufacturer of plastic and metal enclosures for the electrical installation industry. The conduit fitting accessories and consumer units we offer are proof of IDE’s continuous improvement, quality control and R&D investment.

Comelit is an international specialist in video and audio entry systems, access control and telecommunication products. Their mission is to bring together aesthetics and technology to ensure consumers’ security. Elmasco provides a selection of Comelit audiovisual home entry systems.

Bruno Baldassari
Bruno Baldassari & F.lli’s wires and cables represent excellent quality, achieved through years of research and experimentation. The firm has a precise system of quality management, which has given it the international recognition it enjoys today.

A leading supplier in earthing and lightning protection, Wallis manufactures products that have been key in major building projects around the world. The firm’s growing range maintains its high quality through its excellent accreditation.